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Emotional Freedom Masterclass

If you're looking for a small community where you can feel safe to be real, our masterclass just might be perfect for you. Click HERE for more info!

Private Coaching & Mentorship

The most efficient and fun way to travel to a new destination is with an experienced guide to show you the way. If you’re on a journey of healing, recovery, or finding your life purpose, it would be my honor to help you along the way. Click HERE to find out how to work with me 1-on-1.

Books & Music

If you'd like to read about my story of healing from the family disease of addiction, check out my two books Confessions of the Broken: A Codependent Rock Chick’s Journey from Hopelessness to Healing and The Epiphanies Project: Twenty Stories of Personal Revelations.

Confessions of the Broken includes a 5-song blues/rock/gospel album and the eBook includes the album as well. You can find out more about these two books and my music HERE.

Emotional Freedom Resources

I’ve learned so much on my own healing and recovery journey, and I’d love to share anything and everything that can empower you to heal, too. You can find eBooks, talks, podcasts, and a whole bunch of other encouraging resources HERE.

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