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Confession of the Broken: A Codependent Rock Chick's Journey from Hopelessness to Healing

During my journey of healing from the family disease of addiction and codependency, I wrote a 5-song blues/rock/gospel album and a book. This project is my story of recovery, reconciliation—with myself and my alcoholic father—and redemption of every broken part of my life into something beautiful. 

The ebook is a multimedia experience: it includes links to all five songs on the companion album and a full-length storyteller event. If you or a loved one are on the road to recovery, or if you hope to be one day, I hope you'll check it out. Click HERE to find the ebook on Amazon.

Limited edition paperbacks available soon.

The Epiphanies Project: Twenty Personal Revelations

(Contributor: Vision > Fear)
A dream, a car crash, 9/11, a death in the family, a war, a break-up, a suicide, a visit to the doctor, a confession, a moment when things shifted and life trajectories changed-each of the storytellers in The Epiphanies Project has mined a moment of transformation to bring you a unique story of an intimate, life-changing wake-up call. Explore profound life lessons through the incisive, intelligent, soulful, and sometimes very funny lens of 20 outstanding writers who, in exposing their personal turning points, provide a mirror for our own experiences and epiphanies.

The Epiphanies Project is a stunning collection of deeply moving and inspiring personal stories. It reflects the hard work of living through, working through, and beautifully relating some of the toughest struggles life has to offer. If you are seeking hope and strength, it's in these pages.

-Lisa Smith, award-winning author of Girl Walks Out of a Bar

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Talk to Me I'm Grieving

(Contributor: Loss of a Pet)
Talk to Me I'm Grieving provides an empathetic approach to understanding grief. Having experienced grief after losing her parents, family members, and beloved son, Keven, author Barbara Legere writes with profound insight offering healing tips while focusing on how grief can be a form of love. In addition to her own experiences, Barbara has invited grievers to share stories about how loss has affected their lives.

A book for grievers and supporters alike, Talk to Me I'm Grieving promises to deliver real advice that aids in the healing process, no matter what stage of grief you or someone you care for is experiencing. With insightful guidance, Legere offers concrete language that comforts and steers away from the socially constructed cliches we're accustomed to.

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My original music includes the album, Confessions of the Broken, written from the trenches of my recovery journey. These songs distilled the hard-won lessons into songs of surrender and anthems of freedom. Other originals include Noel, a rockin', bluesy Christmas song, and Send Me, a song used to benefit World Vision.

Covers include a diverse selection of classics and remixed favorites like People Get Ready by Curtis Mayfield, Somewhere Over the Rainbow, and Wicked Game by Chris Isaak. Check 'em out on YouTube, below, on Spotify, or your favorite platform.



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